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Lesson 1 :: Wed. August 24, 2017::

Today's Menu

• Attendance;
• Introductions;
• Show how to use my website;
• Course outline :: new LINK for students ::
• Overview of semester;
• Overview of materials & software that will be needed;
• Password for my website;
• Exercise #1 to be done during this class -- if you are absent for any in-class exercises, you cannot make up for those lost marks;

Program GWD aka Great Web Designers


• What does filnenaming & archiving your folders & files really mean?
• G&WD Server on the Mac & how to connect;
• Archiving on the G&WD server;

In-class exercise

• Exercise #1 :: Archiving & Filenaming on the G&WD Server;

Materials & Tools to buy

• 1 USB Flash stick of at least 20 GBs;
• Some blank DVDs to archive your work;
• 1 pen;
• 1 pencil
• Notebook or binder for note taking purposes.

During class

• Bring your good humour;
• Take notes;
• Listen;
• Concentrate on what is going on, and leave your cellphone alone;
• When I am lecturing, it would be wise for you to stop fiddling around with the computer (it is best to turn off the monitor); 
• Be proactive in class... if you do not understand, ask me as probably that many other students do not understand either. 

In this course we will be learning the InDesign page layout software that is part of the Adobe CC suite. If you already own this software, that is great. If you do not, you might want to wait until your teachers explain the main differences between the older versions and the new ones.

NB: The software that we have in our labs is the new version that has just come out. Adobe CC 2016 entire suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, etc.). CC means Creativity Cloud.

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