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Lesson 2 :: Thursday Jan. 18, 2018::

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Theory :: Lecture

• Typeface Anatomy links for learning from the Canadian Graphic Arts Vocabulary book -- LINK -- please only use these links as reference as there are many type anatomy websites that are NOT valid. Another good reference site is Typedia -- LINK -- even if it is slow to start-up -). Another one is Type Deconstructed -- LINK --.

In-Class Exercises

To be noted: if you are absent, you will NOT receive any marks for this in-class exercises... however, I strongly urge you to do them anyway for your own benefit.

•• Start "Type Anatomy" exercise ••

Exercise: For this exercise, you will type your entire name (first name and last) in upper and lowercase letters, in a classical serif typeface.

InDesign document size: 8.5" x 5.5" landscape view.
Type size: 72 points
Type face: in a classical serif typeface
Extra: add 2 punctuation marks and two numbers after of before your name.
Design: make it pretty -)))
Photographs: you are allowed using a muted photograph in the background or an ambiance texture or a drawing... as long as we can read everything very well.

Many letters in your name should have a characteristic. Also, you must indicate "baseline", "x-height", "ascenders", "descenders". In the end you need to have at least 15 DIFFERENT characteristics. The names of the lines should be there too...


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