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• Attendance;
• What does the competition charge? See homework below...
• What is the rate that "you" should charge?
• Exercise on figuring out your Rate/hour


BREAK-EVEN calculations
• Infographic Rate/hour -- LINK --;
• Rate/hour exercise how-to -- LINK --;

In-class exercise

• Rate/hour exercise to be done during class -- LINK --;

Course Timeline

••• GDB Timeline LINK


• DEADLINE Wednesday in 2 weeks at the beginning of the class.
For Jan. 31.
• Get 3 different quotes for 1 web job and 1 print job.
• You will be coming back to class and we will compare what the going rates are. How much do they charge? That will give you a very good idea as to what you should charge.
• You can work in teams of 3-4 for this exercise.

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